You can’t make a good live transfer if you have an accent and don’t know the sales-pitch. That is why we have developed two groundbreaking technologies that erases foreign accents and ensures that our telemarketers say the script perfectly. Our technology make miracles happened and allows us to use inexpensive off shore labor to generate leads, but at a fraction of the cost. We can even dial cell phones legally on our cellphone dialing platform.

Get up to 6x leads for the price you pay for a single lead that you purchase or create in your domestic call center

Your are not buying live transfers, we are building you your own virtual call center in the Philippines powered by our software. What we do is quite remarkable. In our state-of-the-art call center, we hire, train, deploy and manage a team of telemarketers who report directly to you. They use our accent busting software on our predictive dialers, to generate transfers to your closers. All on a week-to-week agreement with no heavy lifting on your part.

Avatar or Echo?

So what kind of software-powered agents do you need to generate leads for your call center? If you are doing Business-to-Business, have opt-in data, are a Charity or PAC, then Avatar is for you. If you are calling consumers or have a very complicated pre-qualification process, then Echo is the choice.

Why Avatar/Echo?


Eliminate Headaches

  • No hiring or firing
  • Zero employment issues
  • Drastically reduce costs
  • Eliminate payroll and paper work
  • Stop advertising on craigslist
  • Get off the training hamster-wheel
  • No computers or extra IT support
  • Eliminate the predictive dialer
  • Reduce or eliminate office space


You Are In Control

  • Scale from 6 to hundreds
  • Change headcount weekly
  • Set their schedule to match yours
  • Work with them through chat
  • Unlimited real time video conferences
  • Completely transparent reporting
  • See your calls and transfer in real time
  • Manage the dialer or have them do it
  • Replace angles as you see fit


Be Confident

  • American-run call center
  • 10 plus years in business
  • We only do sales and transfers
  • Stateside sales and support
  • No accent with Echo and Avatar software
  • 1800 agents making pledges and live transfers
  • Technology savvy
  • PCI compliant call center
  • New Computers
  • State-Of-The-Art call center
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • 99.9 uptime

Benefits of Using Avatar/Echo


Free Up Resources


Dramatically Increase Sales Opportunities


Make More Money


Focus 100% On Closing Sales