1. You mentioned low closer utilization on the phone, what is that exactly?
  2. In almost all cases your closers spend most of their time on non-sales related activities, and are not closing deals. Some of these activities include, waiting for leads, cold calling, paperwork and talking to unqualified prospects. When your closers are not closing, they are not generating revenue. If you closers spend 10% of their time, in any give hour, talking to qualified prospects, they are spending 1/6th of that hour closing sales. Their utilization score is about 16% per hour. Most of our customers don’t realize they could double or even triple their sales without hiring a single additional employee. They simply need to get their closers more qualified live transfers and bring up their closer utilization percentage.

  3. How can Echo get my closer utilization score up? What is typically the maximum it can be?
  4. No one has a closer utilized score of 100%. A good rule of thumb is to keep your closers on the phone about 80% of the work day, so the utilization score would be 80%. Echo can help deliver a steady stream of qualified transfers every hour. We can scale your team weekly until you reach the golden 80% utilization mark.

  5. How will Echo make us money?
  6. With Echo you don’t need to hire more staff or make additional operational expenditures. There are no upfront costs for trying Echo. When your closers are consistently on the phone, closing more deals, and their utilization score improves, Echo will more then pay for itself.

  7. How long is the agreement?
  8. We don’t need to hold our customers hostage with a long term contract. The Echo agreement is week to week. Our costumers stay because we make them money and their sales are consistent.

  9. Who pays for the Echo Agents training period?
  10. Echo operates at the economies of scale and we deploy
    agents weekly. Since our training costs are so low, your agents receive training at no cost to you.

  11. How does Echo work?
  12. Together, we develop the perfect sales pitch with rebuttals and qualifying questions. Then we use one of our sales veterans, who sounds like a Wall Street pro, to record the sales pitch. Our team then breaks the recording into soundbites and attaches them to our Echo Soundboard. When a prospect answers the phone our Echo Agents push the button that corresponds to the appropriate response. The agents hear the recording in their left ear while seeing the same portion of the script on their screen. Simultaneously they mimic what they hear and see to the prospect, like karaoke for Filipinos. Within a hour, Echo Agents are proficient and generate qualified, live, warm transfers.