What is Echo Live Agents?

Echo Live Agents hears your prospects in their left ear, pushes the appropriate button and hears the pre-recorded response in their right ear while they see the text on the screen. Simultaneously, like karaoke, they pitch your prospect.

How Does It Work?

After developing the perfect sales pitch with qualifying questions and rebuttals, we use one of our sales veterans — who sounds like a Wall Street pro — to record the sales pitch. Our team then breaks the recording into soundbites and attaches them to our Echo Soundboard. When a prospect answers the phone, our Echo Agents push the button that corresponds to the appropriate response. The agents hear the recording in their left ear while seeing the same portion of the script on their screen. Simultaneously they echo what they hear and see to the prospect, just as in karaoke. Within an hour, Echo Agents are proficient and generating qualified, live, warm transfers. At no time in the conversation do the prospects hear any pre-recorded audio.

How will Echo make us money?

With Echo you don’t need to hire more staff or make additional operational expenditures. There are no upfront costs for trying Echo. When your closers are consistently on the phone, closing more deals, Echo will more then pay for itself.

Telemarketing Verticals

Our Echo agents generate live transfers for verticals across the spectrum. We are experts in Business to Business and Business to Consumer campaigns. We have a team ready for your campaign when you are serious about closing more sales and making more money.


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